You have the golden key,don't trade it off

Cast your fears away and chase for the stars,the deeper you see the greater you go.You are a thrillblazer,a pathfinder and a pace setter.Watch what you do and how you react to challenges when they come;the rule in a a game to success is Don't quit .loosers never win a golden medal because what belongs to the champions are not meant for the lazy.Refresh your thinking,become the real you,know the key that lies along any plain is determination and zeal to thrill you for greater opportunities. When life try to hit you hard never give it a setback but always a strong back.Know who you want to become in the race of life.#eqsworldwide #quotesme #quotesisquotes #quotesmyway #quotesislife #quotesblogger #quotesblog #quotesbest #sucess #key #divine#youcandoit


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