Happiness is the fruit to stay fruitful

Nothing last forever,all that glitters are not made to be gold,the way to forever glory is to be happy always.You can make this work out for yourself;the only key you need is zeal,passion and dedication... I charge you today with all sincerity of heart,pouring my soul,mind and body out to the world. You can by who you want to become as long as you can still see the sun and the moon per day.Never loose hope from what you find in life because that is part of who you're.Note when you cut away the junk of life every situation is a choice....I strongly believe in your rising.#wordforword #liveinthemoment #lovewhatyouaimat #yesyoucan #dontquit #beexpectant #saynotocriticism #saynotodefeat #happinessislife


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